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Welcome to a factory floor of Yummy Gummies drudging behind the scenes of a witty and vibrant cascading game called Sugar Cubes. Propped by a 5 x 5 cascading grid, Sugar Cubes delivers an abundance of sweet moments to the most demanding of players! The flowing cascades of sweet Symbols need to be matched in cluster-sets of four or more for an avalanche of staggering wins.

Besides, the cascades are bespangled with distinct Special Symbols that bring on bountiful wins when paired. A conglomerate of supplementary features trigger in exchange for whopping wins and insane action across the symbols. A pair of Magic Symbols will convert other Symbols in its path into the highest paying symbol forming a lavish cluster.  Additionally, a pair of Explosive Symbols destroy anything that surrounds the perimeter and needless to say, there is also a Wild Symbol that extends or completes any adjacent cluster for a win.

When a set of two Strawberry Swirls are paired, the game transitions into a Free Spins Bonus Round! Two Yummy Gummies will jump into the scene with a pair of random symbols forcing the elimination of those same symbols from the next cascading set. Consequently, this increases the chances of forming more eye-popping clusters, and epic wins with the remaining sets. Alas! the more clusters formed, the more cascades obtained and the higher the Multiplier will climb to reward those colossal wins hitting a staggering 600 x any bet. Moreover, when the two Yummy Gummies happen to jump in with a matching symbol, an additional Free Spin together with a spawning Wild Symbol is awarded. If clusters are still being formed during that same round, an additional Wild Symbol will spawn with every sequential cascade thus increasing the chances of forming even bigger and more rewarding clusters wins.

You can bet your sweet bippy that Sugar Cubes will deliver relentless fun and dynamic action on any device.  If you choose to play on mobile or desktop, in portrait or landscape mode, the game will mould into place like sweet pie.

Welcome to Sugar Cubes, the land of milk and honey and so much more!

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English, French, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Dutch (BE), Dutch (NL), Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Romanian, Japanese & Russian  
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