About Jolly Dicers

Jolly Dicers, is a Pirate-themed, cascading game and the objective is to form clusters of symbols in a 4 x 4 reel.  Surrounding the main reel are orbiting special symbols each of which trigger different features every an opposite pair is matched. A Wild Symbol also roams the orbiting reel and triggers to form more clusters when adjacent to a minimum of 3 matching symbols.

When two Scatter Symbols are aligned opposite one another, a 6 x Free Spin Bonus Round is awarded. A set of 3D dice are played and the result determines which symbols are eliminated from the reel. The round is then automatically played with the remaining symbols thus increasing the chance of forming more clusters. Every cascade obtained in the same round will generate an incremental Multiplier on the current win. The maximum win potential of the Main Game and the Bonus Game is 533 x the Bet.

If six cascades are obtained in a row in any given spin in either the Main Game or the Bonus Game, a Gamble Game is launched. The Gamble Game is also played with a pair of dice. The addition of the result determines the number of steps forward on the plank. Each result, corresponds to a Percentage Multiplier. The Gamble Game is limited to a maximum of three games.  The Gamble Game has a maximum win potential of 216 x the Bet.

Jolly Dicers can be played on any device in either portrait or landscape mode.

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